Pearl Bamford died aged 19. Having supported her through her struggles her parents saw the need for an inspiring, creative community that could help support young adults in the North Cornwall area. 



The Pearl Exchange is a CIC based in North Cornwall. We want to build a nurturing and collaborative community in the area, facilitating and supporting young adults to discover, explore and develop creative pursuits which may lead to career development and employability in the creative industries.

We will establish a welcoming environment through providing hot spacing, open access studio space and facilities for artists, as well as offering a variety of workshops, talks, classes, peer-to-peer skill sharing and mentoring for young adults in the community. We will bring chefs, writers, artists, designers, photographers, thinkers, filmmakers, mindfulness and wellbeing professionals together, connecting all forms of arts, culture and people.

We’ll celebrate the best of international contemporary art and creative practice, whilst supporting local artists and creatives to develop their practice and facilitate small business growth and start-ups. We will champion new and exciting work and support our community at all stages of their careers.

The Pearl Exchange will be open and accessible to the whole community but will centre on supporting the 18-30 age bracket. Integral to the hub is access and signposting to accredited counsellors and therapists to provide one to one, group and alternative therapies. Also, facilitating peer mentorship and support groups creating a therapeutic community. Mental health will always be at the heart of the Pearl Exchange.

We plan to make North Cornwall a great place to see and make art, to cook and eat and work in the creative industries. We will provide a new and innovative way of supporting the community, totally symbiotic; exchanging experience, practice and knowledge with those in need.


Our journey has been relatively short so far but it has been an amazing collaborative one, full of love.

It started from the first fundraising events, three wonderful feasts with an auction, which raised an incredible £20,000. We had a huge amount of help from chef’s, bar staff, music, fundraising, organising, driving, lending, giving, sharing, the list goes on. The money raised has been used to build the website, create our social media community, secure a building, buy equipment, make amazing contacts, build a network of contributors, finding therapists and more, which is enabling us to build our nurturing community for adults.

The enormous support The Pearl Exchange has been given is overwhelming. There are so many people we want to give our heartfelt thanks to that we’re afraid we’ll miss someone! Just to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped us in any way to bring this project to life.

We’d also like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts everyone who has donated to our Just Giving page.

Rose and Johnny x