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Founded in 2020, The Pearl Exchange aims to improve the lives of 18-30 year olds in the Bude and surrounding areas through creative practices and cultural experiences. We support young adults through counselling and wellbeing activities and facilitating connections that lead to work and life opportunities. Events are offered on-line and in person at our current base, the Pitch and Putt building in Bude.

Our focus is on the creative arts and the inspiration that collaboration and engagement can offer, as well as providing a free professional counselling service for mental health support. We also host a number of clubs and collectives – Photography, Film, Book, Jam Night and Cold Water Swimming – that operate from our Facebook pages. They offer opportunities to connect and share interests, develop skills and networks outside of our main programme.

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Pilot Highlights.

Our Pilot Program ran throughout May and June. Eight weeks of workshops, talks and events to help our community feel connected, supported and inspired. We’d first like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to our classes, studio days, talks, beach cleans and celebrations. Thank you to those who got involved, helped, donated, filmed, designed, documented, turned things around at the last minute, came up with new ideas and made the past two months the memorable experience it has been for us all. We’ve really created something special here in Bude. The Pearl Exchange stands as the inclusive, warm, creative, collaborative community it is now because of your involvement, enthusiasm and generosity. Below you’ll find some of our highlights:

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Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness or any other emotional challenges? Would you like to talk to someone in confidence?

We’re offering six free sessions in a safe, empathetic environment with trained counsellors. Available for people aged 18 – 30 living in the North Devon and Cornwall. At the moment, the sessions are currently online or by phone.

Talking to an experienced counsellor can help and will support you in making a positive change in your life. So don’t be afraid to make contact and take a step towards feeling better.

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The Pearl Exchange Community.

The Pearl Exchange has been designed to function both as a communal space with open access to facilities and workshops, and also as a way to get to know people with similar interests. We know that many of the things we would like to do to achieve this vision have been knocked out of shape by the COVID pandemic, and we are doing our best to adapt and develop new ways of working.

Our social media groups and on-line offers won’t be affected, but some of our social events, in-person workshops and weekly get-togethers may not be able to take place indoors at the Pitch and Putt. Where possible we’ll move outdoors. We hope that our horsebox cafe will be able to function as a place to meet socially, but please be aware that COVID guidelines may mean we need to make changes at short notice.

Meet at 10am at the Bude Sea Pool for a cold-water dip. After freshening up, we’re back to the Pitch & Putt for free chai, hot chocolate and porridge! An amazing, positive start to your week!

The Pearl Exchange film club is designed to create a community around movies and bring the best of art house world cinema.

An opportunity to support and connect with other parents in the area. If you’re an apprehensive new mum or dad, why not give us a go?

The Pearl Exchange Photography Collective — Looking to share, collaborate and create all things photography. Our goal is to inspire and help local passionate photographers in any way we can.

Stop scrolling, start reading! Books reduce stress and expand your mind. So join The Pearl Exchange book club.

The community hub of the Pearl Exchange, serving up delicious fresh pastries, sandwiches, tea, coffee and drinks throughout to keep you topped up.

The Exchange Directory.

There is an incredible wealth of knowledge and creativity in North Cornwall and Devon that’s sometimes hidden by the geographic nature of living in a rural and isolated area.

The Exchange Directory is a network of artists, small businesses, makers, creators, producers, filmmakers, writers, thinkers and all types of inspirational people based in our community. It’s a space where creative and like-minded people can discover each other and be inspired, make connections and share skills.

If you’d like to apply to join the directory please get in touch.

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