Food For Thought.


As this apocalyptic time draws to a supposed end and with the threat of returning and reintegrating into reality looming it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed with the lack of opportunity and motivation in the air. The future may seem disheartening and bleak and no matter what stage of your life you are in you may feel hesitant about putting yourself out there once more.

The phrase “good enough” is under used, overused and used in all the wrong circumstances. Feeling like you are the best you can be and being “enough” are different. I use speech marks because if you are existing and you are here what more can be asked from you? You don’t always have to be good, good at something or feel good it doesn’t change you. You ARE enough, more than enough.

Every friendship is different, dynamically, emotionally and practically. There are relationships that are valuable or maybe even exhausting. It is so important to take time to realise that actually not every friendship must progress purely for the continuity and habit. Recognising toxicity and manipulation is a valuable skill and moving on from people or environments for your own self to be better is not selfish, it is vital.


Within each and every relationship and predicament there is a need for some kind of boundary. Learning that not everyone you meet deserves to know you in every way instantly is an important part of growing up and can be an interesting way to reflect on your own behaviour. Trusting people’s kindness and intentions can help you view the world in a more positive light.