Zine Workshop

Radical, rebellious, democratic and DIY, the Zine has a proud history as a way for marginalised communities and artistic subcultures to self-publish their own voices and make them heard.
Come and join writer and editor Hannah Marsh for a series of Zine workshops. We’ll be exploring some traditional journalism techniques like interviewing, news and feature writing, and working out how to turn them on their head and make them work for us so that we can say what it is we want to say.
Sometimes we’ll be creating material for PEZ (Pearl Exchange Zine), sometimes we’ll be learning new techniques and skills – you might find yourself penning poetry, creating collages, pitching features or writing rants. The page is our oyster.

Hannah has worked as a journalist, feature writer and editor across regional, national and arts press. Her work has been published in The Independent, Oh Comely and The Telegraph. Former Managing Editor of A Younger Theatre, she’s also written for blogs including The Vagenda and Ideas Mag.


11 Jan 2023


18:00 - 20:00
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