Reset Weekend: Creative Cacao Circle with Annabelle

Join Annabelle for a mindful, grounding and expansive circle exploring the wisdom of ceremonial cacao and how we can work with this delicious drink to open up to our creative flow states and weave our intentions into being with creativity.

Ceremonial Cacao* is a plant medicine found all over the world but particularly rooted in Mayan and Aztec tradition in Mesoamerica where it is known as ‘the food of the gods’. Consumed as a delicious, raw chocolate drink, cacao is said to open the hearts and mind of the drinker, helping them drop into a blissful, receptive and intuitive state of being.

We shall be sitting with cacao in a circle, enjoying some grounding breathwork, meditative drumming, guided visualisation and an expressive and intuitive painting session with cacao and other colourful materials to bring our dreams, intentions and visions for 2024 to life through play.

A free lunch will also be served at 1pm.

*ceremonial cacao is a yummy ‘plant medicine’ suitable for most people, however cacao may be unsuitable for those currently taking SSRIs or MAIO medication, those with a heart condition and those who are pregnant. Please contact Annabelle via email if you wish to discuss any medical concerns or have any questions about consuming raw cacao.


14 Jan 2024


11:00 - 14:00
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