In Conversation… Business & Growth

The first of our ‘In Conversation’ series focuses on business and enterprise. We’re bringing together a broad range of speakers with inspiring stories of self-growth, start-ups and hard graft! 

This evening is for anyone looking to push themselves forward, those who are keen to learn from others and those looking to shift things up in their work life. If you’re self-employed already, a business owner or simply someone with an idea then this space is for you. Our guest speakers will share their wisdom before we open the floor for a Q&A.

Meet our speakers:

Louise is the Founder and CEO of Kudhva, an off-grid accommodation experience in North Cornwall. A leatherworker and artist by trade, she bought Kudhva in 2016 with a vision to build a concept space which supports passive learning in all its output.
Alongside running Kudhva, Louise lectures in Sustainable Tourism at universities and provides business coaching and mentoring to private clients.

Alex is the Marketing Director at Nexo Studios. He will be sharing his story and the lessons he feels he can reflect on now: the importance of celebrating your own wins, watching how others succeed, but ultimately shaping your own path and having a clear vision on where you want to go.




26 Oct 2023


18:00 - 20:00
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