Each Day Same, Going Insane.


Wake up at 9. Oh no its 11am now.

It’s okay can try again tomorrow. Stretch, yawn. Repeat.

Funny how you can be so tired after doing absolutely nothing. Right, think, what shall I do

Thinking about how many hours there are to fill suddenly I am under the duvet once again.

Soon. Soon. 5 minutes. One more check of Facebook.

How quickly hours melt into a blur of likes, comments.

It is endless. Shower? I’m going nowhere.

My scent doesn’t offend me so I’ll save the shower.

Hungry, breakfast? How about last night’s leftovers?

Time ceases to exist now, as though each day is a cycle of being able to wear/eat/do anything anytime.

Silly pandemic, not sure how I will ever be socially acceptable again

I think about this some more, covering myself in crumbs as I do so.