Our New Home

A building is so much more than bricks and mortar. It is a home, a possibility, the past, present and future. It is safety. It is critical to building a resilient, confident,…

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Pearl’s Legacy

It feels hard to put into words who Pearl was. She gave something different to everyone she met in a way so personal that I alone could never encompass who she really was.  To me,…

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Riding the Ups & Downs

"I quickly got used to living on a dirtbike. It’s not long before routine dissolves days into one and another...

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Climate Conversations

"I feel a deep gratitude to life and for my life. It hasn’t always been easy and I’ve had my own experiences of...

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My Volunteer Experience at Leopallooza

"I’m Sophie, and I was lucky enough to be this year’s volunteer Marketing Assistant..."

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Documenting at The Pearl Exchange

"As we approach September and the start of a new university term, for me this is a time to reflect on the last three years..."

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The Pearl Exchange is Leading the Way

"When John Wheatley emailed me from the South Weston Activity Network in Weston-super-Mare about him and his small team..."

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Spotlight: Ella Frears

“At night the herbs outside my window are pummelled by rain. I wake infused, nude on the bare bed. Morning comes...

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Crowdfunding our way into 2022

Our first Crowdfunder in 2020 smashed its target and helped fund our Pilot...

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The Pilot Summary

We believe this Pilot Program changed people’s outlook on mental health. The creative aspect played a huge part in this. Especially throughout this pandemic, young people are…

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